Spam farm?

What do you call it when you start getting hundreds of spam messages a day? This is really weird. I mean, I appreciate the traffic, but something’s not right.

All the messages are similar in that they all contain one sentence, usually something fake like “your article was so helpful” or “thank you for your blog post.” I guess their game is to make a comment and then the message is posted automatically. Instead of making a comment, though, they were sending an actual message to the legit email through the contact form.

I guess I have to wonder, has this website been put on some sort of website list that is then sold to spammers? I don’t really know why it started all of a sudden, seems odd to me.

I took down the contact form. People can always contact me by email at bullettesjazz [at] gmail [dot] com. Spammers beware!

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