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  1. Just wanted you all to know about something the Arena Stage is putting together:

    we’re putting together a Guinness Record of Largest All-Trombone Orchestra for June 1. Let your Trombone playing friends know. Details to follow…

    I’ll send details as I find them

  2. I saw you at the Takoma Park Jazzfest and wanted to buy some of your CDs (and others in the band like piano player). But there seemed to be nowhere to do that. And I can’t find any of your CDs online, including this website. How to do find your message to buy (I’m a CD guy, not a downloader – quality is better).

    • Hi Jim! So sorry you couldn’t find us! I’ll send you an email offline. Thanks for finding us on the interwebs! It was a blast playing at Takoma Park Jazz Fest.

  3. This message is for Shanon Gunn. I was given your name by a piano vocalist teacher at Long and Mcquade. I’m looking to study with you. I have taken university level music courses and have a degree in Theatre. I want to learn more about Jazz singing and piano.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Helen Dea

    • Hi Helen,
      I don’t teach jazz singing but I can recommend someone to you! Please email me when you get a chance.
      Shannon Gunn

  4. Shannon,

    Sure would be great to see you and the group at The Carlyle Club in Alexandria, VA. Terrific venue!

    And I (we) love your music.


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